What It Does

Reduce production costs and increase crop yield. For large area managers (consortiums, cooperatives, large companies) scalable from small hydroponic farm to commercial size agriculture system using the latest Senzo IoT Technology.

Agrisense enables better crop management through analytics to build crop-specific models, real time end-to-end visibility and accessibility of farm data and sensor data.

Traceability. Every gateway, sensor, devices, farm location has an ID, name and location information. All data has time and date

Senzo IoT Gateway is dedicated gateway - no special software are required to installed in Senzo IoT Gateway. Communication between gateway and devices are encrypted. End to end communications with HTTPS, TLS Protocol with server.


Senzo Agrisense Strength & Features

Wireless Monitoring System For IR 4.0 Agriculture. Communicate real-time with all Sensors, update data using cloud platform, provide real-time access, acquire and process data, present information in a simple and advanced way.


Predictive Analytics ability to leverage historical and recent-day data to provide crop prediction and actionable insights (to be added)


Easy pairing of sensors to Automate Actions using wireless sensor network and Web of Things (IoTs)


Remote Monitoring of crop data anytime, anywhere, through mobile, web or app-based devices

Cloud Server Architecture

Senzo Cloud Server with mirror server Senzo Server able to notify user if there is any downtime or maintenance that required to carried out by our personnel.


Network Performance Latency Monitoring Application Monitoring Login and Access Monitoring


Security tools include single sign-on software, virtual firewalls, and data loss prevention tools, always encrypt or mask sensitive data and applications uses end-to-end transport level encryption (SSL, TLS, IPSEC)


Resource Usage and Utilization License Usage Establishing identities that could be associated with personally identifiable information Creating the log data for all identities

Package Offered